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Creating, Teaching and Judging Quilting






Because your and Amy's first retreat was so amazing. I am anxiously awaiting the second one, January 11 - 14th, 2024. 


The luxury to immerse into all things quilts for three days with fellow quilters with no interruptions to prepare meals or other household responsibilities is a rare and cherished experience. 


The retreat activities perfectly balanced time for assembling your lovely poinsettia design with fun and entertaining games. The quality of your specialty gifts and prizes was over the top. 

Since poinsettia is so lovely and fun to assemble I made two. 

Thank you for thoughtfulness and sharing your quilting journey. 












Hi Molly,


Molly is a true judge and educator.  I have worked with her numerous times as a scribe and facilitator.  She is not only meticulous in her judging, but is so willing to share her knowledge and expertise of techniques, judging criteria, etc. with those working with her.  Her witty personality and knowledge is evidenced in the written critiques given to the entrants.  Her remarks highlight the well-done aspects of the quilt, while providing the areas that need to be corrected in a positive format.  She is a fantastic judge and anyone that has his/her work critiqued by her should feel that they were judged fairly and thoroughly.  








Dear Molly,

Thank you so much for being available to teach at Miss D's Extrvaganza in Palatka. Indeed, it was as you said, a fun project. In my miind, the translation is the teacher knows her stuff and presents the information from professional experience. Thank you again.

I was antsy about the multiple quilting designs for the 'pieces of glass'. I practiced quite a few days to build confidence and complete the lovely project.

Look forward to another class with you. 

Sandie Mulrooney






Ocala Country Roads Quilt Guild

Lavonna Miller, Judge Coordinator for 2018 Guild Quilt Show             

The Country Roads Quilt Guild had 173 of 264 quilts judged during the guild’s November 2018 show. The guild was very fortunate to have Molly Waddell as the judge. Molly has been a nationally certified judge for many years. It was a long intense two days of judging and her positive attitude, stamina and energy, and exceptional knowledge made it an educational and worthwhile experience.

As a first time Judge Coordinator, I had many conversations with Molly and she patiently answered all my questions in preparation for the two days of judging. Her guidance was invaluable. Using her breadth of knowledge, Molly each quilt her complete attention and provided expansive critiques regarding each one. The members provided feedback about how surprised and grateful they were regarding the valuable judge’s comments.

The National Association of Certified Quilt Judges (NACQJ) offers each judge an opportunity to bestow the NACQJ Award of Merit for a quilt that represents excellence in design and/or workmanship.  Our Guild is extremely proud and honored that Molly bestowed her very first NACQJ Award of Merit to one of our members.

I would encourage any guild to contract Molly as a judge. Working with her was one of the most enlightening and wonderful experiences I have had. She became not only a professional mentor but a good friend.



To:  Sheila

Fr:  Beverly Pierzchala

       St. Andrew Bay Quilters’ Guild

       Panama City, FL

Re:  Molly Wadddell

        Quilt Judge

We acquired Molly’s name from the NACQJ, the National Association of Certified Judges, which is published via the Internet.  We have always used a NQA certified judge and always been pleased with their judging.  Mollie was no exception.  She is very approachable and easy to work with.  Mollie was a professional throughout the judging.  She gave each quilt a specific evaluation that was pertinent to that quilt.  Her remarks were positive and helpful to the quilter who made the quilt.  She communicated well with the scribes and it was easy for the scribes to follow her comments.  She moves at a steady rate and we were able to complete our judging in a reasonable amount of time.

We enjoyed getting to know Molly personally and our time together was enjoyable.  We would be happy to have Molly judge for us again and recommend her to others.

As part of our judging day experience we invite a few members of the guild (4-5) to sit and observe the judging.  This is intended to help reduce the mystery surrounding judging.  The audience may not speak or ask questions during the judging; they are there to observe.  We have found this a positive experience for our members.  Molly was agreeable to this and willing to speak to the observers when judging was completed.  I recommend this to other groups.



My name is Joyce Thompson and was a co-chair for Pensacola Quilters Guild 2018 quilt show. My co-chair Joyce Cobb researched judges and then we chose Molly because of her resume and her proximity.  It was the best decision we made. She is the best judge we have EVER had, and we have had many big name judges. Every aspect of her judging was professional. She started each judging day by meeting with all of our staff and shared her expectations and rules while in the judging rooms. Her critiques were thorough and constructive while still finding positive aspects of each quilt. During our breaks and at the end of each judging day she would sit and answer questions and use the time to teach us, making everyone present a better quilter. It wasn't until she chose our three judges ribbons (judges choice,  best use of color, complexity of design) did she share her personal bias. We had to encourage her to pick her personal preference.

We are hopeful she will judge our 2020 show. 

I hope this is helpful in your decision to hire Molly. You will be thankful if you do.

-Joyce Thompson

850-501-3185  if you would like to talk further.



Being a "snowbird" in Florida, I was glad to be able to attend the local guild's lecture & trunk show by Molly Waddell.  Once there, I learned there were unexpected openings in the workshop the next day.  I surprised myself by spontaneously signing up.  We worked on a specific project (which I will finish) and learned a technique for creating an interesting background for applique (which I will use in the future). Molly also dispensed invaluable quilting tips, all presented in a low key way. Thank you for a wonderful & informative day.  

-Sallie, Amelia Island, FL 


What was almost a missed opportunity turned out to be a great experience. I recently attended Molly Waddell's Machine Applique Workshop and was amazed by this wonderfully talented woman. Thinking I was going to just learn about machine applique was foolish of me. She has a life time of experience and is willing to share her knowledge with anyone who asks. A day in one of Molly’s workshops will inspire you to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Thank you Molly for sharing yourself and your knowledge with others. 



Just got back from taking "My Adirondack Cardinal" class from Molly Waddell. This was such an amazing eye opener to applique. This class was fun and so informative. Molly did a great job with instruction with both seasoned quilters and those intermediate quilters. So wish I had learned this technique so long ago as it would have helped my applique look so much more professional. You bet I will be using Molly's technique from now on! Can't wait to take more classes from her. Thank you, Molly.


Hi! Molly,
Well I was sitting at the Vero Beach Quilt Show waiting to get my quilts back, so I spent the time reading my AQS magazine which was long over due to read. And what to my surprise there was the article you told me about many e-mails ago.
What a wonderful article, I really enjoyed it and such a great thing to remember your mother that way. I also learned about reflections in water which this years theme for our Journey Thru Art group is H2O and I'm doing a tiger coming out of the water, I haven't gotten to the water part yet, but I will be using your helpful hints.
Our Crazy Quilters group is working on next years show. I have the same job and since everyone thought you were so wonderful I planned to ask you to judge again, but I was told they have to have a different judge every show. So we won't be seeing you on judging day, but maybe we'll see you at the show.
Hope your having a wonderful winter here and Congratulations on such a Great Article!!
- Eyvonnee 


" I worked in the judging room for Creative Quilters shows for 25 years and in West Pasco Quilters Judging room several times and have observed many judges. In my opinion, Molly is one of the best Judges of the Quilt Shows that I have been involved in. I kept records of which quilts were held, released and won ribbons at these shows. Molly was very fair in her judgment and has excellent knowledge of quilting techniques."

GD - Crystal River, Florida

" Molly Waddell was the sole judge for the 2011 quilt show produced by Quilters Workshop of Tampa Bay. There were approximately 90 quilts to be judged and she did an excellent job. She was very thorough and covered all items on the judging checklist for every quilt. She made good suggestions that would help the quilter improve. It was a long day but she kept to the schedule and gave the last quilts as much attention as the first. She was pleasant and easy to work with. We would be happy to have her judge a future show."

PH - Tampa Bay, Florida

" I took the Dresden Plate class from Molly Waddell two years ago. She was a great teacher explaining every step on the way. She was able to help anyone who needed some help or mainly needed a suggestion on color or placement. I enjoyed the class and was able to complete at least half of the blocks during the class. Since then I finished it and used it as a wedding present. I was that pleased with it. It was a very relaxed class and everyone who took it, enjoyed it and finished their quilt."

JF - The Villages, Florida

"Good morning Molly,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a wonderful class at Quilter's Corner last week. I learned so much. I look at my samples now and they are not so bad after all. Of course that day, they looked "not so good" particularly in comparison to yours. You have given me the confidence to continue practicing and like anything else, practice may not be "perfect" but it will get better and better. I was most interested in machine quilting for small projects such as table runners, wall hangings, etc. Your teaching method was very much appreciated. It was "hands-on", you were very patient, moved the class right along without making anyone feel rushed, etc. Overall, I give you an A+.
Thanks again. Hope to take another class with you soon. Have a wonderful holiday!!!"yyy"

JH-Manlius (4/2011)

"Dear Molly,
Just a quick note to say "thanks" for inspiring me with the techniques you shared at the workshop in Lowville last Saturday. I can't wait to try some of the patterns we practiced on my next table runner.
Your presentation was very good and I personally liked your positive comments. Thanks again."
BL-Lowville, NY


"Dear Molly ,
Thank you so very much for a great class. Everyone so enjoyed it. I can't wait to try some of the designs on my 12 x 12 mini quilts I make. Again, thanks for coming!"
CR, Lowville, NY, 9/10/11


"Hello Molly,
Just wanted to say thank you again for participating in our quilt judging day for our show . I've heard nothing but wonderful feedback from the women who were there.

This was my first judging day experience in both entering a quilt and working judging day and I now have a new appreciation for the entire process. There is an incredible amount that can be learned from having a quilt judged - whether you aspire to one day win 'Best in Show' or just want to improve your quilting.

It was a long day but worth every minute. I hope you enjoyed coming to Port St Lucie as much as we enjoyed having you!
Thank you, again."

F. G.; President, PSL Crazy Quilters
Quilt Show Co-Chair
'Molly, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you once again what a pleasure it was having you for our judge. We had our last quilt show meeting today and everyone is still shouting your praises. It was such a long day and you took the care and time to judge the last quilt just the same as the first quit. It sounds to me that you do this for the love of it!! How Wonderful!!' ES, Quilt Judging Chair, Port St. Lucie Crazy Quilters

Thanks. Molly
Dear Molly,

I have participated in several quilt shows and worked with quite a few judges. I must say that working with you was a great pleasure. I liked how you were very fair in your critiques to every quilt that you judged. I know the judging conditions were not the best but you never let that stop you from doing a wonderful job with all of the quilts. I hope that we can work together again in the near future.

K. D.
Pelican Piecemakers, NSB,Fl.

I would like to thank you for giving such a wonderful free motion quilting class yesterday. I learned lots of new quilting motifs and best of all my confidence in FMQ has grown. You are a fabulous teacher with great patience and wonderful way of sharing you tremendous knowledge. Thank you!

Click here to link to my blog.

I hope you enjoy the post!

Pat Merkle
Thank you for teaching me so many new things in free motion quilting. I had the best time Saturday at Quilter's Corner! I turned my "sample" into this pillow for my sofa. Thanks so much Molly for making my first "class" a winner! Hope to see you in November. Kate 
Thanks so much for presenting at our Mexicali Quilt Guild in Mexico, NY on "How to Catch the Judge's Eye". We were so fortunate that you were able to attend our meeting and share with us your knowledge of judging. You presented many different factors that will help in composing and finishing a quilt regardless of whether or not we will be entering it into a show. All the information you shared can be used for all quilts and your suggestions were very helpful.
S.L., Mexico, NY 

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